Monday, August 6, 2012

Utah - Our Last Few Hours

Fathers have the unique opportunity to bless their sons
by bestowing a father's blessing when needed
as well as on special occasions, like sending off their son
to serve as a full-time missionary for 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

This mom adores her boy!

The Greatest Family Ever!

Two thumbs up to Jake's soon-to-be home...the MTC!
(The Missionary Training Center)

Utah - The Final Packing Job

White shirts.


Putting it all together.

The final product...
a proud dad!

Utah - The Beginning of Jake's Final Destination

The beginning of Jake's mission just had to include a gathering of
the Sudweeks Family.  Jake will be serving within 30 miles
of every member of his mom's family!
Such a temptation for everyone!!

Alexis is happily sandwiched between the two most handsome
men in her life, her big brother and her dad.

Crazy family pics...the Payne kids win!

It's Official - Elder Bramwell

Sunday, June 2 was a very busy day filled with a lot of emotions.
We tried to capture every minute of those emotions.

A few of the significant men in Jake's life (I mean Elder Bramwell's life).
This picture was taken just following 
Jake being officially set apart as a full-time missionary.

And here are some of the significant women in Elder Bramwell's life.
He is truly loved by his sisters and his mom!  Just look
at those tear stained faces.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Gathering to Wish Jake Farewell


Family and friends gathered from near and far to wish Jake well and to say farewell for the next two years.  Jake is a friend to many and was truly overwhelmed by the support he received.  We are excited as his circle of friends will only grow over the next two years. 

Preparing to Serve - Part Three

Finally, after 10 months Jake was reunited with his best surf bro, Jeremy.
This meant he had three weeks to get in as much surfing as possible, and they did!
They even went on a mini surf safari down the coast of Southern Cal
 living out of Jeremy's white van.

Jake's last three weeks also included
transforming his surfboard with the help
of Alexis' artistic ability and with Desi's 
watchful eye.  They designed the pattern
of stripes along with the "psych" logo.  
Hours were spent working to perfect his 
board to be on display for the next two years. 
Jake also felt inspired to include a drawing
of the Savior Jesus Christ on the bottom of 
his surfboard.  At one time Jake made the 
comment that Christ would keep him afloat.  
I took that both as literally and figuratively as
only a mother would take it.  

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Preparing to Serve - Part Two

Preparing to be away from family and the regular routine
of life included spending time with family, which most 
certainly included a Dodger game and a Dodger Dog.
Silly faces, but Judy the Beauty's face wins, hands down!


Jake also prepared to serve in Utah by seriously shaking his hips at our Ward Family's Luau!

 A Beach Boys Concert at the Hollywood Bowl also seemed most fitting.  
But who is the guy off on the left?